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Sunday, January 9, 2011

By request: Chihuahuas on the treadmill

OK, Readers, I'll admit that I had to beg for the request, and in the end, it came from only one of you (thanks, R/C!), but I'm always looking for any excuse to show this video to someone.  My favorite part comes at the end, when I moved the camera to a position behind Freddy and Willy.  It lets you feel how it would be to run with a pack of dogs. 

Don't you just love the sound of those tiny toenails tapping?

Thank you for watching that.  I would not mind if you watched it again.

Anyway, I am taking a break from posting a regular food-related blog today, because yesterday my MacBook died and I had to send it off to Tennessee, where some geniuses are going to restore it to functionality.  In the meantime, I'm grabbing whatever little moments I can on Peter's computer, when he's not blogging as Male Pattern Boldness.  (You can imagine, if you've seen his prolific output, that he is not often away from his laptop.)

I'll see you during the week!


  1. I only didn't request this since I've already seen it on Peter's blog. It's no less amusing the second time around, though. Is the same one (the brown one - Freddy?) always in front? Or is there a daily squabble to determine alpha dog?

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  3. hahahaha, that is so adorable!! i giggled the whole time. I think I missed your begging, as I would certainly have asked!! :) so cute!
    Ashley x
    ps. sorry, i missed a word out of my original comment! damn my stupid brain missing out words!

  4. Loved it Michael! My pom Jo just looks at the treadmill and lays down for a nap! He's such a diva I'd have to hold him on with a leash to get him to exercise! He does like to play fetch, so he's not a total couch potato! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Jenny: Freddy is definitely always out front! A natural leader, he would get out in front of me, too, if I let him, but I go strictly by Cesar Millan's principles of pack leadership. Willy achieves a certain amount of power in the relationship by annoying Freddy without ceasing, so it's sometimes hard to determine who's in control.

    By the way, I realize that only the dogs' owner would recognize this, but this video is new, and is not the same as the one Peter had posted previously!

  6. @Sewfast: We started by chaining them to the treadmill with their leashes, but they quickly realized that they enjoy running. They are quite athletic, those dogs: we often go running together outside when the weather is warmer. Freddy and I once did about 6 miles together.

  7. Thanks for showing us this video, Michael. The chihuahuas are gorgeous and I hope we get regular updates on their antics.

  8. Shame on me for not begging. I didn't realize you were holding out on a *different* F&W treadmill video. The rear shot makes me feel as if they're pulling me on a dogsled across Alaska. Or a Chelsea apt.

    Two of our 3 dogs are young and active, but the third (first, actually) is an old plump girl now and I think a doggy treadmill would do her in. There are days, though, where I wouldn't mind tossing the other two on one and avoiding Florida August humidity. But you can't catch lizards on a treadmill (at least I don't think so) so my Chili would never go for it on that basis alone. And Dani is afraid of wood floors and new-to-her stairs so I can only imagine the trauma that would be induced if I were to introduce a treadmill. You have brave chihuahuas.

    Get well soon wishes to the MacBook!

  9. @Mae: That's all the encouragement I needed. Get ready for an onslaught of Canine-mini-cuteness!

    @Debbie: Let me know when you want to get our packs together for a romp through Central Park. Or to just chew the fat. Literally.