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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When I woke up today, I found I'd been transformed...

...into some sort of woodland creature right out of The Hobbit:

Oh, actually, that's Willy.  He almost always looks like a (slightly deranged) woodland creature.  But some kind of overnight spell seems to have been cast on me:

Best bed-head ever

If anyone calls, I'll be outside frolicking naked amongst the toadstools with my friends Badger and Woodchuck. . . .


  1. Looking good! haha, the thought of you frolicking is hilarious!
    My boyfriend has been working on a handlebar moustache since the beginning of November. its getting to the point where the curled bits are almost forming a full circle!
    Ashley x

  2. While you're frolicking, pinch a fairy (or woodland nymph) for me! :)

  3. The Bay Area Renaissance Festival, BARF for short, starts this weekend. You'll fit right in. They have pet days too, so the little woodland creatures are also invited.

  4. Oh dear, what an unfortunate acronym. I understand that I will not have to go naked much longer, as production of my shirt is underway. Thanks, Debbie!