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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Temporary Silence Explained

Hi, Readers.

I've missed blogging over the past week.  Our neighborhood is currently experiencing a widespread Verizon outage — phone and internet service — so my only connection to the web has been my iPhone.

It's a little unwieldy to type more than a few words on my phone, so I'm not going to resume blogging until the outage has ended.  The phone company promised (ha!) that our service will be restored no later than March 17th.

So much for having a landline to fall back on in case of a cell connectivity problem.....

Please continue to enjoy Peter's blog in the meantime; he's been going across the street to blog from the wi-fi hotspot at the Brooklyn Coffee and Bagels.....another reason to love that place!

Hope to be back in touch soon!



  1. You've been missed! I have a love/hate with Verizon too. And my neighbor who sometimes decides to plant bushes and cut our fiber optic line in the process. ;-)

    I hope you've continued cooking/writing and have a stockpile of posts to share after the 17th. (hint)

  2. My palate is suffering with your absence. :( Let's hope they sort it out soon so you're back and cooking up yumminess soon!

  3. Missing you, Michael! Hope you're restored soon!